Laundry Made Quick & Easy

For those residents without a washer and dryer located in their Unit, our fully equipped laundry room offers our residents coin-free, smart-card use of the washers, dryers, and extra large dryers. With over 30 machines, residents never have to wait to use a machine, making laundry as effortless as possible.

Sometimes doing laundry can be a pain. Setting timers and waiting in the laundry room are not ideal. We have a solution for this! Our machines will actually contact you via text message or email when they’re done. Visit Caleco Laundry to register yourself. Once you’ve registered, sign in and click “Edit Profile”. Now you can input your personal information, your cell phone and also set the Dorchester as your default location. From the Dorchester page you can view which machines are free, which are in use, and set an alert to text message you when a machine is free. Now you can throw your laundry in a machine and forget it (until you get that text message!).